The following will give you an overview of all the types we have in stock in our warehouse.

All bearings are new, original, quality European bearings, in their original and individual packaging.

1. Rolling bearings

Rolling bearings are distinguished by the composition of the rolling element. We carry the following rolling bearings:

Deep groove ball bearings / miniature bearings

Deep groove ball bearings are rolling bearings with spherical rolling elements. They are the most commonly used form of rolling bearing.
They can take both radial, low axial and mixed loads.

Type designations:

60.. /62.. /63.. /64..
67.. (617..) /68.. (618..) /69.. (619..) /16.. (Thin-section bearings)
622.. /623..
630.. /632.. /633.. /638..
42.. /43.. (Double row deep groove ball bearings)
6.. .. (Miniature bearings)

Angular contact ball bearings, single and double row

Angular contact ball bearings are rolling bearings designed for a particular angle of contact, capable of taking radial and axial forces in a particular direction. Angular contact ball bearings are usually deployed in pairs in a tandem, O or X arrangement.

Type designations:

70.. /72.. /73.. = Single row angular contact ball bearings
718.. /719.. = Single row angular contact ball bearings
32.. (52..) /33.. (52..) = Double row angular contact ball bearings
38.. /39.. = Double row angular contact ball bearings

Spherical roller bearings / barrel roller bearings

Spherical roller bearings have barrel-shaped rolling elements arranged in two symmetrical rows. They are designed for the heaviest loads and have high load ratings. They stand up to axial and radial loads and are good at compensating for misalignments.

Type designations:

213.. /222.. /223..
230.. /231.. /232.. /233..
238.. /239.. /240.. /241..
248.. /249..
292.. /293.. /294.. (Axial spherical roller bearings)
BS2.. (Sealed spherical roller bearings)
202.. /203.. (Barrel roller bearings, single row)

Tapered roller bearings

Tapered roller bearings are non-self-retaining bearings in which angled, tapered rollers are used as rolling elements. The angled position of the rolling elements allows the tapered roller bearings to take both high radial loads and axial loads. Tapered roller bearings can also be employed in pairs in an “X” or “O” configuration.

Type designations:

302.. /303.. /313..
320.. /322.. /323..
329.. /330.. /331.. /332..
JKOS.. (Integral tapered roller bearing)
LM.. /JLM.. /KLM.. (Imperial measurements)
C.. (CARB toroidal bearings)

Cylindrical roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings are rolling bearings with cylindrical rolling elements. In comparison to ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings can take higher radial loads. In addition, they also respond better to impact loads. In contrast to deep groove ball bearings, however, they can take lower axial loads and require their position to be exactly aligned.

Type designations:

N.. (Floating bearing, separable, no rib on outer ring, two ribs on inner ring)
NU.. (Floating bearing, separable, has two fixed ribs on outer ring, no rib on inner ring)
NJ.. (Support bearing, separable, has two ribs on outer ring and one rib on inner ring)
NJ.. (Fixed bearing, separable, has two ribs on outer ring, one rib on inner ring and a loose-rib washer on inner ring)
SL.. (Full complement, with or without lip seal)
NN.. /NNU.. (Floating bearing, separable, double row, full complement)

Thrust bearings

Thrust bearings are rolling bearings capable of counteracting particularly heavy axial loads.

Type designations:

511.. /512.. /513.. /514.. (Single direction)
522.. /523.. /524.. (Double direction)
532.. /533.. /542.. /543.. (Double direction, with optional washers)

Spherical plain bearings

Spherical plain bearings are not really considered rolling bearings, but plain bearings, where the load-bearing and guiding functions are carried out not by rolling elements but directly through sliding contact between the inner and outer ring.

Type designations:

GE.. (Spherical plain bearing)
GIL.. /GIR.. (Spherical plain bearings with internal thread)
GAL.. /GAR.. (Swivel heads with external thread)
GIKL.. /GIKR.. (Swivel heads with internal thread)
GAKL.. /GAKR.. (Swivel heads with external thread)
GK.. /GF.. (Swivel heads with welding ends)

2. Automotive bearings

  • Wheel bearings for cars and lorries
  • Wheel bearing assemblies
  • Belt tensioners
  • other

3. Other products on request

Locking mechanisms

Locking mechanisms are mechanical safety devices for securing rolling doors, with or without an electrical safety contact. Locking mechanisms FV 20/35 E to FV 360 E are tested by TÜV SÜD Industrie Service and have received corresponding certification numbers from the inspection body. They therefore comply with the criteria of the European standards DIN EN 12604 / DIN EN 12605 (released Aug. 2000) and
GS – BE – 04 (released Jan. 2001). We can provide TÜV reports and certificates on request.

„Type designations“

FV 110 E / T
FV 200 E / T
FV 360 E / T

Housing units

Housing units are machine elements used for shaft bearings. A bearing housing and single row deep groove ball bearing (tensioning bearing) form a unit – a housing unit or take-up unit.

„Type designations“


Swivel heads

Swivel heads are spherical plain bearing elements consisting of a swivel head housing with threaded shaft and a built-in or pressed-in spherical plain bearing. The function of the swivel head is determined by the spherical plain bearing. Swivel heads are usually used for lever and rod connections. A further field of use is in the pneumatics and hydraulics industry to create connections between cylinders and connecting parts.

„Type designations“